The Difference Between Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery



There are a lot of people that would like to undergo reconstructive and cosmetic surgery because they want to project an image that reflects the way they see themselves as a vibrant, energetic individual. Changing a person’s appearance can change a person’s life.

Many people assumes that cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery by miami plastic surgeon are the same, but these surgical procedures are totally different. Both types of surgical procedures help alter and improve the body’s appearance. You could know the type of surgical procedure when you know the reason why the patient will undergo a surgery. You could also know the difference of each surgical procedure with its insurance coverage, cost and its needs. Both procedures reshape, repair, lift, or tuck certain areas of the body or face. Reshaping a nose to make it look more appealing falls under cosmetic surgery, but repairing a deviated septum would fall under the reconstructive category. Cosmetic surgery is considered optional, so patients are required to pay for it with their own money. However, for reconstructive surgery it is typically covered by insurance companies, especially when the patient does not have any other options.

Cosmetic surgery is also known as aesthetic plastic surgery of changes the shape of body or its appearance. This type of miami cosmetic surgery procedure is not necessary. They perform cosmetic surgery when the patient has no medical condition. However, in some cases this type could also treat some medical conditions. For example, there would be changes after weight loss, or there would scarring on your abdominal after surgery. Insurance companies consider these types of conditions as cosmetic.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is actually considered as medically necessary. Reconstructive surgery is involved in the of conditions that are caused by an abnormal change in the shape of the body or appearance. Here are some examples of the conditions that would need to undergo reconstructive surgery, if the patient just had mastectomy or various cancers of the skin or soft tissues, and to correct birth defects or abnormal scars and to reattach a body part that was injured during combat or caused by an accident. Reconstructive surgery treats conditions that require body changes. The best example would be breast reduction surgery this could treat chronic back and neck pain. Most Insurance companies cover these types of procedures. Reconstructive surgery is actually the oldest form of surgical procedure, before it was used to treat wounded soldiers.


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